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Yard Cleanup To Get Your Yard Back In Hape

Fall yard clean up makes a big difference in making your yard presentable and reviving it to its former glory. A good fall cleanup will not only cause a more productive growing season to come, as well as a healthier field in general. Let’s look at the fall Yard clean-up work chores that will result in a happy and healthy yard. There are many crucial areas of the yard to concentrate on if you wish your yard to stay in its best condition.

 Fall Clean-up For Trees & Shrubs

Collect and shred all the fallen leaves with a mulching lawn mower or a splint vacuum. Compost the tattered leaves into earth compost or utilize them as a defensive organic mulch once the ground freezes. Fall leaves are gardening gold that is if you know how to use them. Wrap shrubs with burlap to get them prepared for downtime, guarding them from the cold winds. Make sure that you wrap them in such a way that snow won’t start gathering on top of the wrapped shrub resultantly crushing it. Early fall can be a great time for the plantation of new shrubs and trees. The trees will make use of the temperate afterlife rainfall as it will help them establish some roots before dormancy during the downtime. Try to get the new trees in the ground about six weeks before the ground freezes. This allows the roots to establish before dormancy. There is a big list of trees and shrubs which you can plant in the fall.

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Keeping your trees well-doused in the fall is also very important especially if the trees are evergreen trees or hedging shops because evergreens continue to lose water from their needles throughout the downtime which drains them and can destroy their health. Since trees should not be in a deficit of water before dormancy. However, if you have trees in the dry areas, give them a good watering before the ground freezes.

A Note on Fall Pruning

Never add pruning to your list of fall yard work. Fall for the pruning of trees and shrubs, is basically the worst time. Pruning encourages the shrubs to grow more, which is what they shouldn’t do when they’re about to go dormant. So letting the trees concentrate their energy for the forthcoming dormant season is the right choice rather than letting them grow.