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Tips for Buying a Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

A powerful vacuum cleaner is essential for businesses, especially in the hospitality sector. Keeping your premises clean upholds your professional image in the eyes of your clients. Read on for tips for choosing a dust collector for your premises.

Understand the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial premises have more complicated cleaning demands. For example, a commercial vacuum cleaner has more versatility than its residential counterpart. Not only can it collect dust and debris, but also metal and fluids from the industrial floor.

Industrial dust collectors are more powerful and can pick up the tiniest specs of dust from the work surface. Some commercial HEPA vacuums will collect particles up to 0.3 microns, keeping your workspace completely dust-free.

The type of vacuum will depend on the applications. For example, you may choose a dust collector for janitorial or surface prep purposes. Regardless of the model, commercial cleaners are ideal for heavy-duty applications and safety compliance.

Consider Requirements for Your Space

Some factors within your business premises will determine the dust collector you choose. For example, where is the power source of the device? For example, if you have a large office, you’ll need equipment with longer cords to clean all corners.

Upright dust collectors are suitable for open spaces. They feature a powerful motor and a long handle with a canister. They are more convenient for janitorial duties, requiring personnel to move between multiple sites on your premises.

In offices, you may want to choose a quiet vacuum cleaner to avoid distracting other personnel. For example, the Minuteman Mac is an industrial dust collector suitable for mold and asbestos remediation. According to Jon-Don Janitorial and Building Services, it’s a “quiet, yet powerful vacuum cleaner that won’t disturb occupants.”

How to Choose the Right Vacuum Cleaner for Your Commercial Space | The Night Shift

Consider the Vacuum’s Ergonomics

The ergonomics of the commercial dust collectors will determine the efficiency of the cleaning process. Backpack vacuums are popular in the janitorial industry. They are lightweight and are easy to carry from room to room.

You can choose vacuums with an adjustable handle for cleaning various types of carpets. An adjustable handle is easier to use if there are different surfaces to clean.

Consider the path of the commercial vacuum cleaner. The path defines the area the equipment can clean with each run.

It is easier to clean open spaces using a dust collector with a larger path. However, you can complete the process with fewer runs. However, a smaller path is ideal for offices with many obstacles on the floor, such as desks and flower pots.

Do You Need Additional Tools and Attachments?

Additional tools and attachments can simplify the cleaning process. For example, consider attachments such as brushes, wands, and upholstery tools to keep your work surfaces meticulously clean.

Also, ensure the equipment is compatible with your tools and grinders. For example, a HEPA vacuum can supplement your power tools for dustless grinding and sanding. In addition, checking its compatibility will reduce the risk of frustrating and costly replacements.

Before choosing a heavy-duty vacuum, it is essential to understand your specific requirements. For example, an ideal dust collector should be powerful enough and easy to use on your commercial premises.