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How to Understand if the AC Unit is Working Properly?

Air conditioning systems can last up to 15 to 20 years if taken proper care of. However, as the machine starts getting old, sometimes, there can be the need for sudden repairs, frequent services, gas refilling, and so on. It is common for users to ask – how do I know if my AC unit is working properly? After all, people would like to make sure that the device is in its optimum condition before the summer falls in Texas.

While HVAC experts in Woodlands and Greater Conroe are there to guide people about everything they need to know about their cooling systems, someone might want to know things on their own. This article is there to guide you through that.

The longest and hottest summer days in Woodlands and Conroe, Texas, are enough to convince people to turn on their cooling machine. It is pretty normal, considering summer temperatures get up to 34-36°C, with humidity levels up to 95% on some days. In the oppressive months of June, July and August, there’s no way one can evade the air conditioner.

Here are things you can do to ensure the cooling unit is working properly.

Turn on the Machine – Step #1

The first thing to do is to test the outcome on a hot day in Woodlands. The efficiency will be better understood if the outside temperature is more than 33°C. Turn on the cooling unit and leave it at 26-27°C for 10-15 minutes. Observe how the inside of the room feels with the passing of time.

Get a Room Temperature Checker – Step #2

If the room starts to cool down gradually, get a thermometer. Now, place it on the unit’s supply register. It will show you the best temperature readings.

Let the thermometer stay there for a while to understand whether the machine is working efficiently. Giving time to the machine is necessary because specific models take considerable time before they start slashing down the room temperature. Keep checking the thermometer readings to determine if the cooling unit is functioning properly.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioner | Department of Energy

After some time, say half an hour or more, the compressor might stop if the inside temperature has come down to the fixed temperature. Check whether the thermometer is also showing the same temperature. If the two have a significant difference, you can understand that there is an issue.

Look for Water Dripping from the AC Unit – Step #3

Sometimes, some air conditioners cool the air, but there might be a spot where water droplets fall inside the room. This is not a good sign because water from the AC is always supposed to flow through the pipeline outlet. This can be either due to a clogged air filter or dirty condenser coils. Consider calling the HVAC experts.

Final Words

Sometimes, some air conditioners make unusual noises. Any such sound as clattering or cranking from the cooling unit can result from a broken component inside the AC. Calling HVAC experts in Woodlands and Greater Conroe will likely fix the problem. Average repair costs for a cooling unit can range from $200 to $2,500, depending on what needs to be repaired.

Usually, professional technicians take something around $75 to $150 per hour on average. The rates vary from one company to another, and sometimes it has an effect on the service quality.