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Real estate listings are a way for homeowners to list their homes for sale. It gives information about the property and allows potential buyers to view it and make an offer to purchase the home.

One of the easiest ways to get good real estate listings is through your local brokers and agents. If you are getting people to visit your website, they may have potential clients who would like more information about what you have to offer.

There are many tactics that both sellers and agents can use to get more homes listed. Let’s take a look at ten things you need to keep in mind.

10 Ways to Get More Real Estate Listings for Agents

Real Estate Online Marketing

Sellers usually check their email in the mornings, so make sure you send the listing to them at a time when they are most likely to see it. It’s not just about getting them to open it. It is also about getting them to act on it. If they do not like the price you gave them, they may choose to pass it on instead of contacting you.

Find out from other real estate listing agents what time of day gets more traction from sellers and tailor your system around it.

Real Estate Expertise

One thing that is important for all agents to remember is that sellers want a friendly and familiar face. Having good expertise in real estate is important for your client experience when dealing with sellers. If you are showing a home and the seller walks away, that’s OK. You can show the home to another buyer who might be more receptive to the listing. But building experience and establishing yourself is important and can happen only if you are consistent.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing

In addition to the email, you should also be on social media. You can either create a Facebook page for your brand or use one of the Facebook pages designed for real estate agents. Real estate social media marketing is great because you can post direct links to your listing. The idea is that they will click on the link and be directed to your page to see all of the information that you have compiled and added there.

Real Estate Blogging

Start a blog and write articles that will allow you to grow as a real estate agent. This can include articles about local news, how-to guides, or anything else you want to share with buyers. Blogs are also an easy way for agents to connect with Buyers in ways that don’t involve listing their property for sale.

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Real Estate Online Video Production

The power of the web is that people are constantly looking for ways to find information about something, whether it be a real estate listing or some course on legal advice. To reach more people and get more leads, you need to get creative and consider using real estate video marketing. If you have an online platform, you can use it to promote your listing on Google and YouTube.

Sellers Marketing

Not all Realtors are experts at selling properties. Being able to connect with sellers who are looking for houses to sell their home is important for you to be able to add listings to your sales database. Here are some things you can do to get started:

  1. Attend open houses to meet interested buyers. You can make small talk with the seller at these open houses and be friendly and receptive to them. It is important to not act like an agent looking for a seller. and it is also important that you do not plan on using any of the property as your own!
  2. Make a good first impression. Think of something casual that shows that you’re interested but are also easygoing. Remember that buyers want to feel comfortable when they walk into a house, so don’t be too professional.
  3. Offer to be there for them. When you’re talking with sellers, this is a great opportunity to ask about what they are looking for in a home. If you can help them find their dream home, they’ll likely list with you in the future.
  4. Be honest and give them good advice. If the seller isn’t ready to sell their house, that’s OK. You don’t want to pressure them or make them think that you are pushy!

Online Portals

There are a variety of portals that you can use to increase your buyer network. You can use these listing portals to find out about past buyers for the homes you are looking at. This is also a great way to push your presence online and get more sellers from other real estate agents checking out your profile. The portals allow agents to see all of the properties listed on their network and find quality homes for sale and post them on their websites.

Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to market yourself as a real estate agent. When more people know about you, more people can refer you to their friends and family members who want to sell their homes. For this reason, you must focus on building your online presence and trusting relationships.

It’s also important that you project yourself as a people-friendly and easygoing person. Some of the best marketing tactics do not cost you anything but have a big impact in the end.

Real Estate Showings

As an agent, it is important to get involved in the community. Find some local events where you can meet homeowners who do not have a real estate agent yet. It also would help if you also visited local coffee shops and restaurants where people tend to hang out and introduce themselves to new people. Who knows, your next customer might just be around the corner!

Real Estate Listing Signage

There are many real estate listing signs you can use to direct people to your office. These real estate listing signs provide a great way for tourists to find you and may even compel them to stop by your office after they have been out sightseeing or visiting local businesses. This can help you make connections with new clients without having to do any heavy advertising yourself.


There are many ways to market yourself as a real estate agent without spending a lot of money. These ways not only provide a solid platform for you to build your database, but they can also lead to high-quality marketing leads and sales without your needing to fork over money upfront.

Get creative with your marketing and have fun. Real estate is a great industry, and it’s important to remember that you can always be making money, even if it is not directly related to the property you are trying to sell.