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How Do You Stop An Electric Longboard?

You’re probably wondering how you control things. After all, a normal skateboard moves literally by pushing the ground with your foot. You also use your feet to stop!

But How Do You Stop By An Electric Skateboard?

Yes, electric skateboards have brakes

The E-board can travel at speeds of over 30 mph.

It doesn’t make much sense to go at that speed and have nothing to stop you. In fact, in that case, the rider would be injured and many proceedings would be filed against the electronic board manufacturer.

How Do You Brake With An Electric Skateboard?

Braking on an electric skateboard is very easy.

In fact, all you have to do is use the remote control!

Yes, almost all electric skateboards (with exceptions) use handheld remote controls that allow you to:

  • Forward / speed up
  • slow down
  • break
  • Change speed
  • Check the battery level

To Decelerate / Brake, Simply Flick Back The Remote Control.

However, be aware that if you flip the switch back quickly, the board will stop instantly. If you go at 20mph, this is the last thing you want. (You will fly …)

Advanced Tip: If you want to apply the brakes, it is much safer and more practical to slowly pull the switch / lever back. That way, you can slow down over longer distances and stop safely. Just like when you are driving a car. Do not apply the brakes suddenly while driving … The vehicle will stop in a slow and controlled manner as it will always release the brakes. There is no difference with an electric longboard!

Need Practice

Like everything else in life, it takes practice to learn how to ride and brake an electric skateboard.

But don’t worry, after the first few rides, you’ll start to understand the basic concepts.

In my first practice run, I sometimes couldn’t control the speed and distance to stop in time. I braked too hard and flew (the board stopped but didn’t stop).

At one point, after slowing down the hill, I couldn’t brake in time and hit a wooden fence.

Remember that it is not connected to the board like a car or a car. There are no seat belts! If the board stops too fast, your body will continue to move regardless of how fast you are moving.

Bail If You Have To

I learned this rule when I learned that countless skaters and motorcyclists use it.

Applies only if you know your e-board brakes can’t save you!

This is not the most ideal safety tip, but it can save you from serious injuries.

What are the basic principles? If you know you can’t stop when you hit an object, jump off the board.

Yes, that’s right… I said “Jump!”

Boat racing doesn’t mean it’s safe, but if you have to jump to avoid hitting a moving vehicle, post, tree, or other heavy obstacle, do it.

This is the story of a friend of a motorcyclist father who couldn’t brake in time and had to use the “fly” rule.

Topic: My father’s friend bought a bicycle. On his first day with new toys, he sped up a long hill. What he didn’t know was a long line of traffic over the hill. He couldn’t see the car above and was moving too fast. Reacting in an instant, he saved him and said, “Turn it over.” He fell and suffered minor injuries and landed in someone’s driveway. Meanwhile, his bike tumbles after crashing into the back of someone’s car.

How Does An Electric Skateboard Work?

Let’s look at some important points below about how electric skateboards work.

The battery that controls the electric motor is usually located under the deck of an e-skateboard. The engine is mounted just inside the wheel or, in some cases, below the deck.

How to control the electric skateboard? Riders can flip the board by leaning left or right and shifting their weight into their heels or toes.

What can an electric skateboard be used for? Electric skateboards are designed for local and commuter traffic. They typically weigh around 25-50 lbs or 10 kg-30 kg and have a top speed of 18-35 mph.

After looking at some key points regarding the general use of electric skateboards, you may be wondering if they will brake like any other electric scooter. Take a look at the following.

And Finally

One of the first things you can do is make sure that you can brake manually with your feet. give me. This is really helpful when switching to electrical panels.

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