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What Are Our Core Services At Tes Gold Coast?

What Are Our Core Services At Tes Gold Coast?

TES Building provides its customers with some highly required services which include security systems, alarm systems, security cameras, access control, and intercom systems.  Beside these, they provide all kinds of construction and building services to resolve nonstandard and unique tasks.

CCTV Security Cameras

They’ve been installing security systems in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for decades. We can design a system to meet your needs, whether you want a low-cost solution for your house or a high-end solution for optimal security. All of their security cameras are high-definition, include night vision, and can be seen remotely using your smartphone. All of them keep their word about securing your home. Before installing any security cameras, make sure you consult with them. They abide by our commitment to provide the greatest security camera system at the most affordable price.

Home Security Systems

Your security alarm is your first line of defense. An alarm system detects and alerts, whether it is used in conjunction with security cameras or on its own. TES provides secure and dependable security systems. They’ve been installing Paradox alarm systems on the Gold Coast for decades and can vouch for their quality and dependability. You want a system that can detect intruders properly and doesn’t have any false alerts. They rely on Paradox alarms as equipment to keep their consumers satisfied.

Access Control Systems

Professional and skilled operators install and maintain access control systems to give fluid and secure access to departments in your facilities. The following are some of the features of access control systems:

Effective security enables you to handle issues before they arise, but preventing unauthorized access necessitates not only the right system, but also the right design and setup of access control systems. Residential projects, pharmaceutical firms, high-rise buildings, and everything in between have all been effectively configured and maintained by TES. On the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, they provide complete security systems for some of the most demanding clients

Intercom Systems

TES offers a variety of house intercoms. Their systems meet every budget while producing amazing quality intercom systems, ranging from affordable audio-only systems to systems with video and gate opening (see door entry below). Whoever is at your door should be seen, communicated with, and let in. Because of their experience, TES is frequently called upon to provide expertise for intercom repair and maintenance, ranging from single station household systems to multi-station systems for real estate complexes, schools, and high-rise buildings. Our knowledge allows them to offer the greatest possible system to your house, one that will serve you and your family well.

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