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Top 6 ways to hire a Snow Removal and Landscaping service

Although temperatures are still smashing records, the first snowfall isn’t as far away as you would imagine. Now is the time to make sure your business property is ready for whatever the winter has in store for it.

If not properly addressed, snow and ice events may wreak havoc on your property. Slip-and-fall incidents are among the most prevalent injuries and liability concerns on business properties with sprinkler irrigation system, so don’t allow yours to become another costly statistic. Instead, look for a business that can handle all of your winter needs.

Also, don’t put off looking for commercial snow removal services. You want to have enough time to work up a strategy with them to manage your place before the first flake falls. That way, they’ll know which portions of your property are a key priority, as well as where all of your entrances are, and they won’t have to guess when it’s all buried in snow.

Here are six recommendations for selecting the finest commercial snow removal firm to guarantee your property is safe with landscaping sod installation, and in good hands come winter.

Inquire about their turnaround time following a storm

One of your first worries, understandably, will be how fast the business will get on your site when it snows post a commercial parking lot sweeping. You don’t want heaps of snow on your property when employees and guests arrive in the morning.

So, once it snows, see how quickly the snow removal business will begin working on your property. They should guarantee a response time, which should be between one and three hours.

Examine their service offerings

Commercial snow plowing services are not all the same. As a result, you should have the firm outline exactly what they will (and will not) do for your property during winter.

Here are some questions to ask a snow removal business to obtain a better understanding of the services they offer:

  • Is your snow and ice removal service an add-on to your maintenance accounts or a separate service?
  • Will you transport and remove all of the snow off the property, or will it end somewhere else?
  • What types of snow and ice prevention techniques do you employ (ice control)?
  • Do you use deicers?
  • Do you clean snow and ice from parking lots, walkways, and entrances?

Before signing a contract with a snow and ice removal firm, be sure you understand precisely what you’re receiving. Winter events are tough to foresee; you don’t need any additional shocks from the organization you choose.

Check to see whether they have the necessary insurance

When everyone else is retreating indoors and bunkering down from the snow, your commercial snow and ice removal company will be venturing out into the perilous conditions. Although they should have received safety training to deal with the weather, you should still ensure that they have adequate insurance in case of an accident or difficulty.

How to Hire Snow Employees for Your Business - Service Autopilot

A landscaping company can receive appropriate coverage for snow removal activities by adding it to their standard general liability insurance. The auto coverage will cover any damage or mishaps caused by the vehicle during snow plowing.

However, if you opt to deal with someone who does snow and ice removal as a side company, you will run into problems (not part of an existing business). Many folks believe they can attach a plow to their truck and go — without acquiring any coverage.

Make certain that this is not the case with the business you hire to administer your website. They should provide you with evidence of insurance, which should include liability coverage as well as workers’ compensation. You don’t want someone who skimps on coverage since it might end up being a pricey error.

Please make certain that they track both equipment and employees

If someone slips on your property or if you have issues about when the removal services were conducted, you must be able to demonstrate that the business was present and did what they stated they would do. Essentially, it would help a provider verify that the location was serviced following a snow and ice event.

The easiest method to track that is to use a commercial snow and ice removal firm with GPS-equipped equipment. This system will track where the equipment is, when it arrived at your location, and when it departed.

Using this technology, the firm can provide you with monthly reports that show you precisely what you’re paying for — regardless of whether you have a per-occurrence or flat amount contract.

Examine their snow removal equipment

Because it is impossible to forecast when snow will fall, the firm must be prepared at all times. However, if their equipment is out of action and in the shop, they will be unable to get to your location in a timely way. As a result, ensure that their equipment is operational and in good shape.

To clear your property, they should utilize high-quality commercial-grade machinery and accessories. The organization should also examine the equipment daily to verify that it is in good operating order. In the event of a problem, they should have backup equipment not left in a poor scenario.

You want a firm that is prepared for everything.

On the property, prioritize safety

Snow and ice can wreak havoc on the environment. When you combine the cold temperatures and operate at night with little visibility, you have all of the components for an accident if the machine operator does not follow safe practices on your site.

All of the company’s operators should undergo safety instruction on how to navigate through snow and ice, stay warm, avoid accidents, and wear the proper personal protection equipment (PPE).

Check whether safety is a deep concern for the firm and if it has an excellent safety record. They should also concentrate on keeping your property secure so that the weather causes no mishaps.