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Is your air conditioning unit so noisy it’s driving you insane? If so, you should be concerned because it can indicate an underlying issue with the system. Moreover, prolonged noise exposure may actually drive you nuts.

Hence, it is vital to figure out the root cause of the noisy air conditioning problem and fix it before it causes further damage.

What Is The Source Of The Noise?

An air conditioning unit gets noisy for various reasons. Most cases will require you to get help from your local A/C repair contractor in Agua Dulce, CA.

But you can start troubleshooting by listening to the noise and determining what it sounds like, and know where it is coming from.

The Equipment Keeps Squealing And Squeaking.

If you are hearing squealing and squeaking in your A/C unit, a component may be failing or just needs lubrication. It usually happens when you skip on system maintenance.

The squealing may come from a failing blower belt. It may have come loose, slipped, or needs replacement. The squeaking may come from a motor shaft or any other moving components that haven’t been lubricated for a while. In this case, you will have to contact your local A/C repair company in Agua Dulce, CA.

To avoid the same problems in the future, it would be wise to just invest in an A/C maintenance program. Maintenance programs usually include inspecting the system for problems, cleaning dirty system parts, lubricating moving components, and more.

The Equipment Is Making A High-Pitched Whistling Sound.

If your air conditioning unit is making ghostly noises, you should be somewhat scared because something wrong is going on in the system. High-pitched whistling sounds can indicate airflow and air pressure issues due to leaky ducts, clogged filters, and inadequate ventilation design, to mention a few.

You may fix airflow problems by doing simple measures such as sealing duct leaks and cleaning or replacing the filters. If these solutions fail, don’t be disheartened since airflow issues can be tricky. You can call in a reliable, qualified A/C repair technician in Agua Dulce, CA.

The Equipment Is Rattling And Shaking.

If rattling and shaking is the issue, listen to where the noise is coming from. It may originate from the A/C unit itself, from the vent, or return vent. Generally, rattling is a sign that the system is starting to wear down and its components have loosen up.

If the rattling and shaking come from the air conditioning unit, check the fan motor or the fan motor blades. They may be damaged or need to be stabilized. It’s also possible that an object has fallen inside your ducts. Since your A/C has high voltage electrical parts and hazardous chemicals, it’s best to leave this repair job to the experts.

It’s Just The Wrong Air Conditioning Unit.

If your cooling unit has always been too loud, you may have installed the wrong system. An air conditioning unit can be naturally noisy, especially if it has a sound level of over 70 decibels and is installed in a quiet environment. You can choose to replace the system, but it could cost you thousands of bucks.

The good news is that there are a few measures that your local, professional HVAC contractor can take to lessen the noise. They can relocate the equipment, create buffer zones between the noisy A/C system and areas you want to keep quiet, or design much more efficient ductwork that allows seamless airflow.

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