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Different Designs In Low Foot Beds

The bed is something that you don’t buy every day or replace soon. Mostly it stays with you for a lifetime, so before buying this big piece of furniture you have to keep some things in your mind because choosing a bed as a centrepiece for your room will influence another room décor also.

You have to buy the furniture or the room fabrics such as curtains or rugs according to the colour scheme and design of the furniture.

Let’s suppose that you have bought a bed in a haste and then you buy the other things for your room decoration which do not complement the bed, you can imagine the mental disturbance it will create for you. Therefore the bed needs to be chosen very carefully and with keeping in mind that after that you will buy other things or furniture in the room which should complement the bed and the bed should complement them to give a stylish and neat look to the bedroom.

You should know there are some good designs in the market which can make a place in your bedroom. Out of all these designs, we would like to point your attention towards a design which is called a “Low Foot Bed”.

Why a low foot Bed

The low foot bed being the centrepiece of your room provides you with the opportunity to select any kind of luxury headboard available in the UK market. They are compatible with all kinds of bed designs.

They come in all the famous designs;

  • Ottoman Low Foot Beds
  • Low Foot Sleigh Beds
  • Low Foot Chesterfield Beds
  • Low Foot Winged Beds

These all are the famous and most luxurious designs of the beds. So when buying your first bed, choose one of these because they are compatible with all kinds of room décor out there in the market. The colour range and fabric variety are available in a wide range in all these bed types.

Let’s talk a little about all these designs one by one.

Ottoman Low foot Beds

Ottoman low footbeds are synonymous with the extra storage in the bed frames. The mattress has good large storage under it in this design. This storage place can be used to store several different types of things that do not have a place in the closet or the wardrobe.

The ottoman low foot beds are put directly on the floor or sometimes have small feet that elevate the bed frame a little from the floor. The more it is near the floor or on the floor, the more storage it can provide you. The bed frames are generally 16 to 24 inches in height from the floor including the mattress. So if the bed frame is close to the floor it will provide a little more space for storing things under the mattress.

Low Foot Sleigh Beds

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The low foot sleigh beds are very luxuriously styled and designed to make you feel like being present in a Disney movie because of their shape. They have shaped a sledge of Santa Clause, obviously without wheels and a pack of reindeers dragging it. The sleigh bed has a headboard and footboard of the bed curving away from the mattress.

This bed frame also comes with the ottoman style with storage under its mattress. The low foot design with the sleigh headboard looks amazing and very decorative with a variety of fabrics and colours to choose from. Choose linen or velvet with the freedom to choose from many colours to make your bedroom look more luxurious and stylish.

Low Foot Chesterfield Beds

The low foot chesterfield beds are as royal as they can get. The name Chesterfield is famous for its royal background. The chesterfield style of furniture was originally designed by an Earl of Chesterfield who designed an armchair for himself. From there onwards, the chesterfield headboards have been used for sofas and beds also.

The low foot chesterfield beds also come with storage in their bed frames. The ottoman style has made its way to several other designs and chesterfield is no exception. The low foot chesterfield bed is designed to have some extra storage space under its mattress in the bed frame.

The deep buttoned diamond-shaped bulky upholstered wooden piece of furniture as a headboard with a low foot design with extra storage is something worth considering when it comes to purchasing an item that will not be changed soon and will stay with you for a lifetime.

Low Foot Winged Beds

The low foot winged beds are famous for having a large piece of upholstered wood piece of wood as a headboard. The low foot winged bed with a large headboard is quite a bold style statement in your bedroom. This can overshadow other items present in the bedroom.

This design allows you to have the bedside tables as a closet with the back covering of a large headboard. It looks like an amazing and giant piece of furniture in the centre of your bedroom. The low foot design makes this bed frame also a candidate for the ottoman style storage under its mattress.

At Ottoman Beds, there is a wide range of colours and designs of beds that are compatible with all sizes of mattresses bed headboards. Visit us for a fabric colour of the bed that suits your room décor.