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Company Success Pick Up Exact Heating and Cooling Systems

There’s a good possibility that your heating and cooling systems are more than ten year old. Even older systems can be less efficient than their more modern Heating and cooling Brownstown MI systems. They often cost less to run and are much more energy-efficient. There are a few things you should consider before replacing your current system with one that is more efficient. There are special requirements for businesses that homeowners won’t have to meet.

Edifice Epoch

Many older cooling and heating systems are too big. This is because older buildings leak more than newer construction. If you want your space to be comfortable, you will need a bigger and more powerful furnace or an air conditioner. If your business is in an older building, this rule still applies. You can put in a smaller, more efficient system if you are located in a larger space, or if you have modern windows, weather stripping, and other energy-saving improvements to your building.


Metrics to Size Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating and air conditioning contractors often use simple metrics to size an air conditioner or furnace. It is enough to check the model and brand of the current system. Then, they will install a comparable model or one with more power. This is wasteful. A HVAC system that is too powerful or too weak can cause extreme heat and cold with very short working hours. Also, sizing metrics that only consider square footage are very inefficient. You can size your HVAC system accurately by consulting the U.S. Department of Energy Manuals J and D. This will allow you to consider your local climate, your expected number of customers and workers, the efficiency of your building’s appliances and machines, as well as how old your customers and employees are.


The following factors can be used to adjust HVAC size: the building’s dimensions, orientation, insulation, number of windows, space taken up by them, and how often air is entering the space daily. Although it may take longer to use these metrics, it will make it much easier to find the right heating or air conditioning system for you.

Comparison of Steam and Forced Air Forcing Air


Most cooling and heating systems use forced air to heat or cool the air. However, if your business is in an older building you might need to install a steam boiler separately from your air conditioning system. A steam boiler is different from an electric or gas furnace in that it requires different measurements. Employ a contractor with experience in steam heat to assess the heating capacity of your radiators and match them to the furnace. Consider removing any radiators that are not needed by your business and closing the valves. For greater efficiency, you can replace old radiators with smaller, more modern radiators. However, you shouldn’t buy a boiler that isn’t sized for the radiator capacity.