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Choosing The Perfect Bedside Table – 7 Things You Should Consider!

Bedside tables are excellent instances of how a piece of furniture should not only be aesthetically beautiful, but it should also be functional. It is inconvenient to have a beautiful nightstand that does not serve any practical purpose. Similarly, you do not want the overall composition of the space to be ruined by a very functional table that does not go well with the rest of the furniture.

Following the acquisition of the necessities such as a bed, bedding and a wardrobe, you will need to face the question of which nightstand set to choose. You’ll want a bedside table that complements the rest of the room’s decor while also providing ample surface area and storage.

Tips for selecting the most suited bedside table for your house are:

1. Bedside Table Height

The ideal height for a bedside table is roughly the same as the height of the uppermost section of the mattress, such as the sleeping surface. It is not required to maintain the height of the sleeping surface and the bedside table exactly the same, but it is extremely important to keep the heights close to one another so that everything on the table is easy to reach and everything on the table is accessible. If it is not possible to keep the table at the same height, choose a table that is a bit higher in order to give the room a more pleasing aesthetic aspect.

2. Bedside Table Lighting

As a rule, it’s a good idea to have easy access to your nightstand illumination, so a table lamp is ideal if you have the necessary space. Choose one that has a switch on the cable so that you don’t have to bend in towards the bulb to turn it on. In order to offer the best illumination, the lamp’s base should be around the same height as your chin while you’re sitting in bed.

The recommended size for a bedside light is approximately one-third the size of the table it will be placed on. Maintain a reasonable ratio between your lights and your nightstands to ensure that you have enough space for your other personal belongings. Wall lamps are a great option if you don’t have a lot of room or if you want a minimalist aesthetic in your house. These sorts of lamps free up more space in your room for minor objects while also adding drama.

3. Bedside Table Storage

Bedside Tables are excellent for storing items such as glasses, medication, and other items around the room. Consider if you require a side table with doors, a side table with an open door, or merely a side table with no doors. The mix of a tiny drawer above and open shelves below is excellent.

4. Bedside Table Style

Choose whether you want a matching pair of beside tables or if you want them to be different. The most significant advantage of a nightstand set is that when you pick one, the space appears to be well-planned and harmonious. However, if you have a variety of nightstands, the room appears to be less formal and more diverse.

Selecting a variety of styles between the tables will guarantee that there is some continuity between the tables (colour, material, dimensions). This will ensure that nothing in the bedroom appears to be out of place or out of place. Keep the surface material in mind since, for example, if you were to keep a glass of water with you overnight, wood would not be a suitable choice because it would stain fast and easily.

Then you can also go for styles such as upcycled or vintage bedside tables as these are very in-vogue at the moment and are also much more stylish and stand-out than their standard counterparts.

5. Scale for the Bedside Table

Your bedroom furniture should have the same dimensions as the rest of your home. A huge bed necessitates the use of large bedside tables as well. Unless you have a huge bed and a tiny room, you should avoid using the nightstands. This is far preferable to cramming the little nightstands into the corners of the room and leaving no space at all. A three-drawer chest is ideal for those who have a bed with a headboard, since it provides a higher surface area next to the bed.

Featured here are two bedside tables that we adore: the first has a sleek and shiny appearance, while the second is quite plain yet every bit as lovely as the former. If you don’t have enough money to spend on nightstands, you may make do with apple boxes, bookcases, boxes, wall spice racks, chopping boards used as floating shelves, or tree trunks as alternatives.

Get creative and have fun, but keep in mind that you’ll need something for yourself that can both withstand your attempts to find the switch and also enhance your experience while you’re in the room. As you might have heard, sometimes little is more.

6. Well Equipped

You cannot have a bedside table without some sort of bowl or tray, as well as a lamp to use for reading or removing accessories. What about the size? It should never take up more than half of the table’s surface area, and it is preferable not to extend higher than the height of the headboard. For those of you who don’t have enough room, try installing more wall sconces or a long-corded ceiling light to fill the void.

7. Personal Matters

The next step is to decorate your room with photographs or family memories or art that makes you happy every morning when the alarm goes off. In addition, consider your night-time habits and your demands during the night, and stock your bedside table with everything you’ll need: hand cream to hydrate yourself or a glass of water in case you wake up thirsty, for instance.